Why Lindemann?

  • Simple Solutions for the Most Common Gas Fireplace Problems

    Although often easier to use and maintain than a standard wood unit, gas fireplaces can still raise cause for concern when they aren’t working properly. In fact, there are many common problems that homeowners with gas fireplace may come across. While these issues may be troublesome in the short-te...

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  • Experience the Real Fyre Difference with a Gas Log Replacement

    For homeowner’s looking to replace their existing gas logs, choosing a new unit that works well and looks great is important. It also needs to be long-lasting and durable. While there are countless products on the market today, many are finding the Real Fyre Collection a perfect fit for their gas ...

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  • The DOs and DON’Ts of Firewood Storage

    As the heating season approaches, many homeowners are beginning to stockpile firewood for the home. As you start hauling and stacking log after log, it is important that you know how to safely store the wood. Wood storage should be completed in such a way that the wood is kept as dry as possible. We...

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